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My mind’s in the air, 20 centimetres up

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After the explosive release of Fırtınayt in 2017, the group has been in a state of delay, leaving fans eagerly awaiting their next album. Speculation about a new release has been circulating for months, actually years, fuelling excitement and anticipation. Finally, in 2022, the long-awaited album was announced with the first single, “Yangın Akvaryum”, bringing a glimmer of hope to their devoted fanbase. However, the wait was far from over, as it took over a year for the album to be completed and released.

And now, the wait is finally over. Defansif Dizayn (Defensive Design) has arrived, and it is a musical experience that cannot be fully grasped with just one listen. From the moment I pressed play, I was drawn into its intricate layers of sound and found myself exploring its depths and complexities.

Approaching a new album requires patience and an open mind. Some music can be instantly judged, but others demand repeated listens to appreciate their nuances and intricacies fully. Defansif Dizayn falls into the latter category. It is not a direct continuation of Fırtınayt, but rather a new chapter in the group’s musical journey. While there are subtle nods to their previous work, this album stands on its own, radiating a fresh energy that captivates the listener. It took me several listens to truly immerse myself in the music and discover its hidden gems. Each subsequent listen revealed new layers and details that I had missed before.

Defansif Dizayn is a musical masterpiece, a mosaic of pure artistry. Every song is a tapestry woven with diverse elements, yet guided by a single melody that threads through them all. The interplay between the voices of Bartu and Gülinler is a delight to the ears, their harmonies and contrasts adding depth and intrigue to the album. The melodies, the spoken-like singing, the rap verses, and the emphasis on specific phrases are executed flawlessly. But it doesn’t stop there. The instrumentation is harmonious, with the drums providing a steady heartbeat, the keyboards adding texture, and the mastering ensuring a cohesive and balanced sound. The result is a unity that celebrates individuality.

Büyük Ev Ablukada
Büyük Ev Ablukada

Büyük Ev Ablukada is pushing boundaries and redefining the Turkish music scene. Their evolution as a musical entity is nothing short of remarkable, and it is thrilling to witness their growth within a single group. Creating a universe of melodies with non-rhyming lyrics is a challenge, but they navigate it with ease, effortlessly weaving together stories of modern life and personal experiences. The album’s overall tone is delightful and uplifting, with moments of melancholy that are delicately balanced. The range of influences is vast, spanning genres such as afro-beat, hip-hop, experimental, psychedelic, alternative, electronic, indie, folk, and Anatolian rock. This fusion creates a rich tapestry of cultural heritage and musical exploration.

Yangın Akvaryum serves as a bridge between Fırtınayt and Defansif Dizayn, showcasing the harmonies and connections between the two albums. It is a testament to their growth and evolution as artists. Interestingly, despite being a bridge, Defansif Dizayn is actually shorter in duration compared to its predecessor, adding an element of surprise to the listening experience.

The sequencing of the songs is a clever and intentional choice that caught my attention. “Pazartesi” sets the tone perfectly and serves as a captivating introduction to the album. The songs that follow flow seamlessly, each complementing the other in a beautiful symbiosis. “Kopuk Uçurta” and “Karargâh”, in particular, feel like two halves of a whole, seamlessly blending together. The decision to end the album with “Yangın Akvaryum” is a strategic one, considering its popularity and the impact it has had on listeners.

This new chapter consists of nine songs, each one deserving of recognition. However, there are a few personal favourites that stand out for me. “Oh Be!”, “Kopuk Uçurma”, “Karargâh”, and “FeeL” encapsulate the essence of the album and showcase the diverse range of melodies that define its identity.

Büyük Ev Ablukada continues to defy expectations and forge their path. With each release, they push boundaries and explore new territories, never afraid to take risks. Their music is a testament to their passion and creativity, and I am honoured to carry their artistry to my heart.