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Empowering Children Through Storytelling and Magic

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Integrating your city’s cultural values with children is crucial for their educational and intellectual development. This can be done in various ways, and it is essential to present the information in a way that speaks to them without being too academic or formal. Creating a common ground and relating to the children’s world is critical to capturing their attention. In this way, we can ignite their interest and curiosity in their cultural heritage, which is essential for their growth and development.

Apart from the classical methods we all know, there are several other ways to incorporate cultural values into children’s lives. For instance, you could organise a cultural fair that showcases different aspects of your city’s culture, including food, music, dance, and art. This event could involve local artists, musicians, and chefs in a park or a community centre. Another idea is to organise a cultural exchange program where children from different parts of the city or country can visit each other and learn about their cultural similarities and differences. Such programs help children develop a sense of empathy, respect, and understanding for other cultures.

St. Sophia Mosque
St. Sophia Mosque

You could also host a cultural festival celebrating a particular event or tradition in your city’s history. For example, if your city has a famous historical event, you could organise a festival that recreates that event or showcases different aspects of it. This could include performances, exhibitions, and interactive activities that allow children to learn about the event in a fun and engaging way.

In addition to these ideas, encourage children to create cultural projects or presentations. This could involve researching a particular aspect of their city’s culture and presenting it to their classmates or family members. By doing so, they learn about their cultural heritage and develop research and presentation skills.

Recently, I enjoyed exploring Istanbul’s heart, the Hippodrome, with QB (Kubilay). We discovered the historical treasures of this epic city, starting with the Hippodrome, Germain Fountain, the Serpent Column, Obelisk, The Blue Mosque, and finally, the Archeological Museum. Istanbul is a story labyrinth, an incomparable stage with the best, most unique atmosphere possible. We must pass on our knowledge to our children, who are enthusiastic about stories.

Passing on culture to children without a catalyst is impossible. As traveller designers, we had to think of a way to make the process a smooth flow of attractive information that would grab children’s attention. Combining magic with culture and bringing it to life was the perfect solution. By doing so, we can encourage young minds to evaluate and process what they receive continually. 

Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque

QB balanced culturalism and the magic of the journey perfectly. He kept the children’s interest alive and involved them in the conversation. He never shied away from awkward responses or questions but went along to achieve the desired result. This approach has sparked some thoughts in the brave new brains. To my surprise, I saw that parents were as involved as their children and enjoying what was served, fundamental cultural facts with magic involved.

I have seen various children’s attractions worldwide and was pleased to find one that is responsible and balanced. Having it in my town was a treasure. Although the tour’s first modules had a low participation number, it will likely increase as parents look for alternative attractions to enjoy with their children. This is the new lollipop on the shelf, and it will be sustainable and enjoyable.

In conclusion, Istanbul is a beautiful city that offers a unique blend of mystical, historical, magical, and cultural stories. Incorporating these stories into engaging interactive activities can ignite children’s interest and curiosity in their cultural heritage. As parents, it is our responsibility to pass on this knowledge to our children, who will be the future custodians of our culture and heritage. 

We should never forget that stories with magic sprinkled make all the difference. So, let us take up the challenge and explore our cities’ history with our children, using creative and fun ways to make it an unforgettable experience for them. This way, we can ensure they have a solid connection to their roots and a deep appreciation for their cultural heritage.

It’s a kind of magic…